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​"Near a lot of water,  everything is happy", Guimarães Rosa

For those who live close to it, the Paraná River is just a river or "Paranazão". In this sense, "only" is not restrictive, but superlative. There is nothing more imposing, big and powerful than the force of its waters that cut through hundreds of kilometers of landscapes, mostly flat, but abundant in life.  


For a long time our river was seen only as a source of sustenance, for long baths on the weekend and also as an economic and energy engine, but we do not believe that the Paraná River is just that.  


Our organization was born from the concern of seeing Paraná being plundered, degraded and losing the life in its waters and surroundings. The NGO established in 2020, in the year of the worst drought ever recorded in recent decades, and also of the biggest fires recorded in Brazil. 


We are students, retirees, riverside dwellers, fishermen's childrens, biologists, journalists, lawyers, photographers and what unites us is the passion and dream of taking care of our "Paranazão".

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